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Medicare and your FEHB plan...

Get a better understanding of FEHB & Medicare ...

Understanding Medicare's role in your retirement is essential, whether you enroll in it or not.  Read "Section 9, Coordinating benefits with Medicare and other coverage" in your official Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) plan brochure to learn why we say that.

If you are nearing age 65, you should seriously consider enrolling in Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, whether or not you plan on working beyond your 65th birthday. Medicare Part A is premium-free for most federal and postal employees and retirees when you become eligible -- it coordinates well with FEHB plans.​


The part of Medicare, which causes the biggest headache is usually Medicare Part B, Medical Insurance.  This page is designed to help federal and postal employees, and retirees to better understand their Part B options.

For retirees who DO NOT enroll in Medicare Part B, your FEHB plan will continue as your primary payer.   Your FEHB plan becomes secondary only if you enroll in Medicare Part B.

Whether to enroll in Medicare Part B or use your FEHB as primary coverage is a personal decision based on your circumstances.  You need to do a cost-benefit analysis, and make the choice that's best for you.​

Several FEHB plans now offer reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs concerning Medicare.  For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic Option, Aetna Direct, and MVP Health Care Standard Option all offer Medicare Part B premium reimbursements.  See each plan's official brochure for details.​​

Be sure to read Section 9 in your brochure to learn how your plan coordinates with other insurance, including Medicare.  Below are some helpful links and resources.

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