2021 FEHB Monthly Retiree Premiums and Price Comparisons

These documents were compiled by NARFE New York, from official OPM Premiums for Benefit-Year 2021.  We never recommend purchasing health insurance based on price alone; however, it is a pretty good starting place for your Open Season research. 


The three-digit Plan Code is key to locating your plan.  Always be sure to use the correct plan code when requesting a change.


The official FEHB plan brochure contains information about specific benefits, services, exclusions, and coverage areas of each plan.  Section 9 of the official plan brochure is where you can learn about how the program coordinates benefits with Medicare and other insurance coverage.  The column marked "MRA" indicates whether or not that plan offers a Medicare Reimbursement Account.  This means that if you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, you are eligible for reimbursement of part of your Medicare Part B monthly premium.  See the official plan brochure for details.  Plans with an asterisk (*) are restricted to specific groups.  Please report any errors to us at www.narfenewyork.org.

Several Plans have been left off the enclosed chart and as they become available will be listed here along with their  3 digit plan code.

                               AetnaDirect                                                                  AetnaAdvantage

Self                   N61     $153.96                                                               Z24      $152.00

Self + 1             N63     $337.27                                                               Z26      $275.00

Self + Fam        N62     $388.27                                                               Z25      $331.25