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Are your health insurance and retirement benefits vital to you?  How about your family's future financial security?  If so, then our interests are already aligned.  Since 1921 we've been your voice on Capitol Hill - working hard to protect your job, your pay, your leave, your pension, and all the benefits you've earned.  With your support -- and membership -- we plan on continuing to work on your behalf as we approach our second century of service to the federal community.  By the way, did you know that you don't have to be retired to join NARFE?

What does membership in NARFE New York mean to you?

Your NARFE membership includes enrollment at the National and State levels.  Membership also means that you can run for and hold office at national and state levels.  Local chapter membership is optional.  Your involvement at the local chapter level is voluntary and requires membership and chapter dues in a chapter near you.​

Membership also means that you have an opportunity to serve as a Congressional District Advocate (CDA) –for your own Congressional District.  This Federation level position is designed specifically for politically active and motivated members, who want to engage Members of Congress as a representative of NARFE.  CDA's are State Federation positions, appointed by the NARFE Federation President of the state of your residence.  Read more about becoming a CDA (a.k.a, Congressional District Leader).  Contact us for additional information.​

All local chapters operate under their bylaws, and they establish their local chapter dues amount.  However, all dues are collected by NARFE and reimbursed back to each chapter monthly.  Dues payments are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.​

It's at the local chapter level that you can become involved in the affairs of your local federal community.  Local chapters provide critical grassroots support for NARFE's national legislative agenda and engender a real sense of community. These local representatives of NARFE offer a host of benefits and opportunities:​

  • Staying Informed.  In addition to the rich communications from NARFE Headquarters and the NARFE New York State Federation; local chapters also offer newsletters, meetings, and opportunities to serve in leadership positions.​

  • Find a Sense of Community.  Every NARFE chapter is unique, offering speakers and activities that meet the needs and interests of its members.  They unite federal employees, retirees, their spouses, and surviving spouses and provide an opportunity to network with fellow Feds, and perhaps develop close and lasting friendships.

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