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We are the National Active and Retired Federal Employees of New York (NARFE-NY).  Our purpose is to serve and advocate on behalf of persons receiving, and eligible to receive an annuity and benefits earned through federal, postal, or other federal service employment.  We are a NARFE State Federation with more than 6,000 national and chapter members, initially chartered by NARFE in April of 1956.

We represent the interests of all current and future New York federal annuitants, spouses, and surviving spouses.  Our mission is to keep our federal community informed on issues and events impacting their earned benefits and financial well-being. We do this primarily through our national magazine, local chapter meetings, and our presence on the internet, which is member supported.​

We know that the transition from employee to retiree can not only be confusing but downright bewildering at times.  We thought you should know that we're here when you may need a helping hand -- it's what we mean when we say that you don't have to go it alone.  You can always contact our NARFE Staff of Specialists at 1 800 456 8410.  We love getting feedback from members and non-members alike.

As the only organization solely dedicated to the general welfare of all federal workers and retirees, NARFE delivers valuable guidance, appropriate resources, and persuasive advocacy. For nearly a century, NARFE has been a trusted source of knowledge for the federal community, Capitol Hill, the executive branch, and the media. 


Since NARFE’s founding in 1921, the association’s mission has been to defend and advance the earned pay and benefits of America’s civil servants. Today, NARFE’s team of professional lobbyists continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the federal community. Supported by grassroots activists, NARFE is a leading voice in Washington and across the country. Federal benefits and retirement plans are unique, sophisticated, and subject to change.

NARFE provides both federal workers and retirees with the precise, reliable, and accessible counsel they need to make critical decisions and gain confidence in a secure future. NARFE webinars, training conferences, magazine, online benefit resource library, and individual counseling services all offer in-depth expertise on critical issues.

Dennis Gawron, President

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