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FEHB Open Season changes...

REGULAR OPEN SEASON CHANGES (most federal retirees)

Open Season changes for most federal retirees (whose FEHB premium is automatically deducted from his or her federal annuity) must be made by registering with OPM online through the Open Season Express secure portal.  If you do not want to make a change to your FEHB coverage during the open season, you need to do nothing.  Call the OPM Open Season Express toll-free 1 (800) 332-9798 or...

"DIRECT PAY" OPEN SEASON CHANGES (for some federal retirees)

Open Season changes for some federal retirees who pay their FEHB premium directly to OPM through the National Finance Center Direct Premium Remittance System cannot be done online.  Generally, retirees in this category find themselves in this position because their annuity is insufficient to cover the cost of the monthly FEHB premium.

Note:  Under FEHB regulations, once your account has been transferred to NFC, they administer your FEHB coverage. Your FEHB transactions can never be handled by OPM, even if your annuity increases or you choose a cheaper coverage at a later date.  In essence, once you go to NFC, you cannot come back to OPM.  NFC now controls your Open Season elections and any other qualifying life events (QLE) that would allow changes to your coverage.

"WORKER'S COMPENSATION" OPEN SEASON CHANGES (for those on "worker's comp")

Open Season changes for employees receiving monthly payments from the U.S. Department of Labor must be done through DOL and cannot be done online.  This will be true for as long as you continue to receive monthly compensation payments.


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